Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vietnam photos

In my last post I discussed current politics in Vietnam a little bit, but I really don't know much about Vietnam's history or politics, so feel free to correct me or add to what I wrote.

Meanwhile, I've posted all of my Vietnam pictures at, and I'm posting a small selection of them here on Blogger, below.

I am in Tokyo, resting up and recovering from a cold. Itsumi made me chicken soup (so sweet of her, especially since it's an American custom, not Japanese!) and is making sure I stay warm and rest. It's good to be in one place rather than traveling.

Next week, I will use my Japan Rail Pass to take a trip in Japan to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka. Itsumi has made all the reservations, and will join me for part of the trip.

A man gets a haircut in the street in Hanoi.

Itsumi prepares hot pot at a restaurant in Hanoi. They bring us the steaming broth over a cooker, and all the ingredients, and we make it at the table.

Yuck - snake wine. To rice wine, add dead snakes, birds, lizards, whatever. It's said to have a viagra effect.

River on the way to Perfume Pagoda.

Me at Perfume Pagoda.

Rowing to Perfume Pagoda

The bicycle I rented in Ninh Binh, and a friendly waitress at my lunch spot

Street vendors on bicycles

My guide at Tam Coc

A baby rides precariously on the back of a bicycle

Rice paddies and limestone cliffs near Ninh Binh, seen from Mua Cave
I bicycled all around this area.

Hoa Lu, Vietnam's ancient capital, built in the 11th Century.

A pineapple field

The driver who took me and two Dutch tourists to Cam Phouc National Park slices a fresh pineapple for us

Motorbike taxi driver takes a break

Cock fight in front of Lenin Park, Hanoi. I think this is a very sad sport.

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Carol said...

Oh what experiences you have had! I hope they can stay in your memory for a long time! I love the baby on the bike, the peaceful river and of course the street venders on bikes.