Monday, May 11, 2009

Yoyogi Park

You never know what you will see in Yoyogi Park. I really like this guy's hair.

This Rockabilly group danced away a Sunday afternoon to hits like "Let's Go to the Hop." The shirt says "American Junior Bowling Congress."

Rockabilly was really popular in Yoyogi Park in the 1980s, and the police actually shut it down for awhile because so many dancers were blocking the streets. Now there are just a couple of small groups who dance on Sundays.

This looks to be a father-daughter duo, complete with saddle shoes.
This is an all-male and rather tougher looking Rockabilly group. Some of these guys had tattoos, even one tattoo of Mexico's Virgin of Guadalupe! In Japan, tattoos are viewed as a sign of membership in the Japanese yakuza, or mafia. Many hot springs refuse to admit people with tattoos. But these guys were just having a fun time in the park.
Moving on through the park, the person pictured below was offering free hugs (in English). I'm not sure anyone could read his sign, and nobody seemed interested.
I'm not sure what this person was doing.
Or these.
Itsumi and I went to Yoyogi Park to join the Earth Day celebration, which was very crowded and commercial. The park's more spontaneous activities were much more interesting!

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