Monday, February 9, 2009

The Golden Unchi

This is my favorite building in Tokyo. It's the headquarters of the Asahi beer company. The story goes that Asahi paid tons of money to a French architect to design this building. The portion on the left is supposed to look like a golden glass of beer with foam on the top. The yellow thing on the right is supposed to look like a flame, the "burning heart of Asahi beer." What do you think it looks like?

Japanese people think it looks like a cartoon drawing of poop (unchi in Japanese) and so this building, described on Wikipedia as one of Tokyo's most recognizable modern structures, is known as The Golden Turd (kin-iro no unchi)! The 360-ton golden flame, which is completely empty, was made by shipbuilders using submarine-construction techniques.


Anonymous said...

looks like someone was smoking too much ....but so what. If you likr it you like it. I answered the phone and some one said Orlando this Ki.. then the linr went dead,

Anonymous said...

Orlando this is Ki,,then the line went dead was that you?