Sunday, February 8, 2009


Japan has cool varieties of KitKats!
Above: Sweet potato with sesame seeds; tiramisu; green tea tiramisu

Chile pepper. I didn't buy this one; it was too expensive!


Cookies; flan.

Muscat (a type of green grape). This one is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

tiotiDo the Japanese people laugh, smile and talk freely. a lot.

Do their voices have a tone of well-being. Are the womens voices sharp or soft.

Do they gesticulate and show other signs of people who are relaxed and at home in their environment.
Do they have a sense of humor.

Kit Kat doesn't tell me much.

K said...

Thanks for you comment, Orlando. Since I don't speak Japanese, it's hard for me to give a fair answer. My impression is that Japanese people are more reserved than I'm used to in terms of smiling at and talking to strangers, but that once you strike up a conversation (by asking for directions, in my case for example) they are extremely helpful and thoughtful and polite. In public places like trains and buildings Japanese people tend to be quieter than Americans, I think out of respect for others, so I don't hear people laughing and talking loudly as we do in the U.S., but in a private situation such as dinner at a restaurant people here laugh and tell jokes and enjoy themselves just as much as anybody anywhere. In general I would say that Japanese people work a lot, and perhaps their lives focus around their work more than in other places. Although people are always in a hurry to get to work, and work incredibly long hours, I never see anyone pushing to get ahead at the train station or while waiting in line. Japanese people are extremely polite and will wait their turn in line and stop to help a lost foreigner even when they are in a hurry. In my attempt to answer your questions, these are just my impressions as an uninformed outsider who can't speak the language in Japan. - Kimi

ashindi said...

Why am I so fascinated by the exotic flavored Kit-Kats? Especially the pale green one. Wow. You have such an educational blog Kimi! I hope you're doing well. Let's find a time to talk on Skype sometime soon!